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Welcome, our website provides e-shisha and vape reviews of the top and most recommended e-shisha pens , e liquids and vape accessories. E shisha is becoming more and more popular in the UK allowing people to enjoy smoking on a higher level whilst at the same time reducing the negative aspects of cigarette smoking

January 22, 2018

What is Electronic Shisha UK | Buy E-Shisha 2018

The following articles was produced by  they look into the effects of Shisha smoking on health, as subject you should be able to know about before you purchase an E Shisha pen for yourself, a friend or a relative. we also look into where the best place to Buy an E-shisha Pen is What is E Shisha? Vaping is the process of smoking e-cigarettes, allowing a person to inhale nicotine without other harmful substances in tobacco. Millions of Brits now get their nicotine hit via the devices, and they are growing in popularity. The first modern e-cigarettes were developed by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik who wanted to create a safer alternative to smoking. E-cigs and vaping pens come with a tiny sensor and computer chip that activate a heater, which warms up the nicotine inside every time a person takes a draw.   When the liquid nicotine warms up it vapourises, creating a vapour that users can then suck through the mouthpiece. But, e-cigarettes are still relatively new, and much more research is needed to explore the true effect they have on a vaper’s health. While some studies have shown they are – in many ways – better for smokers than cigarettes, other studies have raised concerns they are encouraging a new generation of smokers. Legislation brought into law on May 21 2017 restricts the sale of e-cigarettes and e-liquids. As there is no burning involved, there is no smoke. Unlike normal cigarettes, the devices don’t produce tar and carbon monoxide. But, that does not mean the vapour produced is free of harmful chemicals. Studies have found it contains some toxic chemicals, that are also found in cigarette smoke, at lower levels. What are the laws on the sale of e-cigarettes? Vaping laws were created to restrict the sale of e-cigarettes and e-liquids. The new guidelines include: Refillable tanks must have a capacity of no more than 2ml E-liquids can not be sold in quantities greater than 10ml Unless registered as a medicine e-liquids can not have a nicotine strength of more than 20mg/ml E-liquid packaging must be child-resistant and tamper evident Stricter labelling requirements All e-cigarettes and e-liquids must be registered with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency before they can be sold Additives including colouring, caffeine and taurine are bannedIt comes after an undercover investigation found that almost nine tenths of British vape shops are willing to sell e-cigarettes to non-smokers – against the industry code of conduct.   Is vaping harmful and does it damage your lungs? E-cigarettes are not risk free, the NHS has warned. But, experts believe based on current evidence, that vaping is less risky than regular smoking. Public Health England’s independent review of the latest evidence, published in 2015, found e-cigarettes are around 95 per cent safer than smoking. But experts have warned vaping is a new trend and, as a result, scientists are still learning about the effects vaping can have on the body. Recent studies have warned the devices not […]