Disposable E-Shisha Pens


As the name suggest, disposable E-Shisha Pens are designed for to be used until they are empty of E-liquid and then disposed of. Because they can be used immediately, without the need to prepare the device by charging it or by filling the pen with E-liquid, E-Shisha Pens are the ideal choice for users who are looking a simple and convenient smoking experience. They are also a great way of experimenting with E-Shisha and trying out new flavors of E-liquid. If you are new to E-Shisha, a disposable pen can be an easy and affordable way to find your feet before you commit to buying a more expensive refillable E-Shisha Pen. One drawback of using a disposable E-Shisha Pen is that the choice of flavors is limited compared to the range which can be vaped using a refillable device. Also, despite the low-cost of disposable E-Shisha Pens, if you plan to smoke on a regular or longer-term basis, it may be more economical to invest in a refillable device as the low-cost of using the various types of refill system will help you to save cash.

Disposable Shisha Pen Diagram