The Top Shisha Liquids & Brands

When looking for E-Liquid, E Juice or Shisha Pen liquids or other E-shisha accessories, you most likely look for a specific Brand name. With So many Brands out there, with so many styles, gourmet, Organic and with so many flavours, menthol, fruit, coffee, tobacco, Choosing the best shisha liquid brands isn't the easiest. We have attempted to create a list which makes things easier for you guy, we break them in to categories according to features such as flavour and style. we have savoury, sweet, no nicotine, cinnamon and more vapour juices that we look at. so lets take a peak

The Best E-Liquid Brands 2019

Brand Price Coupons/Promos
Vaporfi E-Juice Bottles Vaporfi $15.99/30ml

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Naked 100 E-liquid

Naked 100





£15.95/60ml Next Day Delivery
VapeMate Classics<

VapeMate Classics


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Best Shisha Flavour Catergories

Best Overall VaporFi 30,000 Flavors $15.99/30ml
Best Gourmet Flavours VapeMate Directors Cut Beach Party, Berries & Cream! £4.29
Best Candy Flavours EPUFFER Try 'Yummy Candy' £15.95/60ml
Best Menthol/Mint Halo Free UK Delivery Over £20 £3.99
Best Fruit Flavors JAC Vapour Simple Selection £4.99
Best Tobacco Flavours Naked 100 Red, Smooth Virginia, Sahara! £5.99

Best Gourmet E-Liquids: VapeMate

Vapemate Classics
“A range of gourmet, hand-crafted high VG blends with serious flavour and cloud production. Directors Cut is 100% British made eliquid and pre-steeped for a minimum of four weeks”. If you are looking for something a little more intense and rich flavour then you will want to give vapemate’s directors cut a try They have a great range of unique Flavours at a good price, VapeMate also have great incentives to purchase more, and also run a reward points scheme. There delivery is always Swift and painless. What else could a vaper want?

Best Selection of Shisha Liquids: Vaporfi

vaporfi E-Liquid Selection
Vaporfi are widely known as one of the top brands our there one it comes to E-Liquids and Shisha Sticks, if you been vaping long enough to remember, these guys use to go by the name of vapour Zone. Although they have changed their name, not much else has changed. They still provide one of the largest selections of E-liquids on the market with 110 Premade flavours to choose from! They now provide a create-your-own service. Where you can mix and match and blend up to three of your chosen flavours together. It’s not just quantity Vaporfi are famous for, they are also recommended widely for their quality. Their flavours are full, lasting and well manufactured

Best Menthol/Mint E-Juice: Halo

Halo Sub zero Menthol
Menthol Fan? Halo have a wide selection of menthol flavours all with varying styles and levels. Which is why it is a fav from me. Halo’s Sub Zero menthol E-liquid is a cut above the rest. It provides a more substantial menthol kick then any other E juice like it on the market. Then you have cool mist which is a mild alternative. Halo e liquid is manufactured in The Uk, made with 99% Pharmaceutical grade Nicotine, and is always 99% pure

Best Tobacco Vape Liquids: V2

V2 Red tobacco E juice
Out of all of the Shisha pen liquid Brands we looked at, it seems that V2 had the best tobacco range and quality, The range of three different tobacco flavours is designed to suit all the kinds of smokers out there, and it does the job well. V2 are also kind enough to create a chart recommending which of the three a vapour should purchase, based on the brand of cigarette they currently smoke. The V2 Red flavour mimics the classic American tobacco, the Congress flavour has a generic taste and feel to it, whereas the Sahara has a middle eastern twang added to it.

Best Zero Nicotine E Liquid: Red Vape

0 Nicotine E liquid
A way to continue on your journey to stop smoking or just to simply the enjoy the flavours alone, These Red vape 0 nicotine E liquids have been found to be a winner With a Range of Six Varying flavours, there's a choice for everyone, they have the normal tobacco flavours with tasty Apple leaf and cherry leaf styles, but they also have some fruit flavours, a Zesty Noir orange, and a strawberry fusion that has a really intense strawberry flavour my personal favourite though is the Trinity crème. A smooth crème flavour, The tip of you tongue instantly picks the infusion of flavour and it packs A hit that continues to give a natural taste all they way through the exhale

Best Fruit Flavour Shisha Liquid: JAC Vapour

Jac Vapour Fruity E liquid
JacVapour put a real emphasis on getting their flavours right, This is evident in there fruity collection. They have collection of a around 30 different fruit blends, and all are taste bud tingling. The fruit flavours are full and natural tasting. The Strawberry Chew inparticluar tastes so realistic, and the real Raspberry gives of such has a pleasant aroma, again close to the real deal. JAC Vapour a UK based Manufacturer based in Edinburgh who are slowly becoming a household name in Everything Vape.


E-Shisha liquid, also known as E-juice or vape juice, is the fluid which is used to refill the reservoir tank on a refillable E-Shisha Pen. Shisha pen Liquids only contain natural ingredients such as glycerin, propylene glycol and flavouring. They are available in a wide variety of flavours which will match every taste. You can opt for traditional tobacco type Shisha Pen flavours which do not contain any nicotine or instead you can explore fruit flavours such as blueberry, lemon and plum. For the more adventurous E-Shisha users, there is a range of exotic flavours such as bubble gum, peanut butter chocolate and even CBD E Liquids. E-Shisha E-liquid is supplied in a range of different strength options, which allows you to choose the type of vape you wish to inhale.