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August 6, 2017
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The Range of E Shisha Flavours on the Market Now

The range of e shisha flavours that are on the market now is astounding, and it is easy to imagine how varied and exciting some of them can be. The beauty of e shisha is that the sweetness of the shisha lends itself to a lot of different tastes, so there is almost no limit to the range of e shisha flavours that you can buy.

Different Flavours

Some you would expect – Apple is a staple of shishas for example. Banana is understated, and bubble gum, blueberry, or ‘berry blast’ style flavours make perfect sense and if you’ve ever used shisha before you’ve probably tasted them. Some others, like Pineapple, bear no surprises too.

There are others, however, that are more modern. Cherry drops, bubble gum, candy floss, and lemon cheese cake are all far departures from the mint and menthol that your parents would have enjoyed with their traditional cigarettes. Red cola, raspberry, and almond are interesting alternatives too.

It is possible to make your own home-made shisha Liquids, and you can do so using entirely natural ingredients if you want to keep the experience as wholesome as possible. The challenge with making your own flavours is that most flavors are oil based, but molasses and honey are water-based, so the flavours don’t mix well. In addition, most flavours are not really intended to be vaporized – so they’ll either burn to leave an acrid taste or just produce no taste at all. Perhaps the best option is to use a flavoring that blends in an alcohol extract, although you need to take care with this as if you add too much, the shisha becomes too wet, and you won’t get a satisfying amount of smoke.

In general, however, making a good shisha flavouring is harder than making a Top Shisha e-liquid, so you may find that it makes more sense time-wise, and also in terms of money, and enjoyment, to just buy some pre-made. There are plenty of shops that offer not just hookah but also shisha, pens, e-liquids and more, so you should be able to pick up some great deals, and find something that will taste stunning too. The natural flavours are more ‘authentic’ to the original shisha experience, but there’s certainly no harm in finding something new to try and giving your taste buds a little extra treat.

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